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Alarm systems:

A security system can help protect your family, home and valuables. It can alert you when a door or window is opened when you are home. And if you are away, a list of others can be contacted including local law enforcement. The sound of a siren can be a deterrent to the would be burglar, and alert neighbors and an alert to you.

Life safety:

Our systems support a variety of add on life safety devices. We can add smoke detectors, heat detectors (for your attic, garage or basement), water/ flood detectors and carbon monoxide/ gas detectors. These devices might just save your life!


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Optional: an IP communicator that allows you to "see" the status of your home or business using your smart phone. You can see who armed or disarmed and what time they did so. You can remotely disarm the system to let someone in (repar person etc.), and re-arm when they leave without having to give anyone your code.

We have a "keyfob" remote available for people on the go, to allow quick arming and disarming of the system. Every member of the family can have one, you can even give one to a trusted neighbor.

Personal emergency response (medical alerts):

These devices can be worn around the neck and used for a medical emergency such as a fall or other medical event etc. This device is purchased one time and does NOT include any additional monthly fee (the famous one advertised on TV is $49 per month).

Our way of doing business:

We will not "trick" you into a lengthy contract. You own the equipment and our monitoring fees are very reasonable.

Other companies make you sign a minimum 3 year contract, the down payment is low, but it adds up over the length of the contract.

We use "top notch" DSC alarm equipment (Johnson Controls), the same equipment you'll see in large industries, banks, pharmacies etc.

We've been around for over 20 years, ask your local business or a neighbor, they might be a customer. The majority of our business comes from referrals or "word of mouth".

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