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Cameras can document events around your business or home.

Why Do I Need a Security DVR Camera System?


Prevent or Catch Theft:

Most people think of security cameras in their functional sense. They provide surveillance recordings which can be turned over to law enforcement officials.

These recordings are critical the vast majority of the time because they provide insight as to who or what was involved in any given situation; the ability to rewind time and see what happened. There are other non-functional uses for cameras as well. For instance, in many cases a criminal seeking out a target location will avoid properties with security cameras on them altogether. Essentially they choose to find an easier target.

Monitor Employees, Customers, And Operations

Security Camera Systems allow supervisors and business owners to divert their attention to other tasks or requirements while never taking their eyes away from their employees, customers, or machines.

Security Surveillance Video supervision is one of the most useful purposes of surveillance cameras of any sort today. This type of security camera installation is further empowering when you add in the ability to remotely access your surveillance cameras. This means you are no longer tethered to the office which contains the Security Camera DVR. Now external devices like phones, tablet computers, laptops, and full-sized computers can all be used to see through the Internet to your camera system safely, and securely. We provide those security camera apps and software for FREE!

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Retail Stores

Theft, either from a customer or store workers, is a primary concern for business owners.

Security Camera Systems can help the business owner increase productivity, reduce loss, reduce waste, eliminate theft, and provide unique opportunities for training. The combined benefits of a security camera system in retail can easily pay for the cost of the system several times over. You can monitor our systems even when you are not in your store.

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Already have a camera system?

Maybe it's time to consider an upgrade. Look at the comparison below.

Technology has advanced in a few very short years. Imaging is MUCH better than it was.

We can upgrade your old system with high definition products, sometimes even using existing wiring.

Our way of doing business:

We will not "trick" you into a lengthy contract. You own the equipment and our monitoring fees are very low.

Other companies make you sign a minimum 3 year contract, the down payment is low, but it adds up over the length of the contract.

We use "top notch" DSC alarm equipment (Johnson Controls), the same equipment you'll see in large industries, banks, pharmacies etc.

We've been around for over 20 years, ask your local business or a neighbor, they might be a customer. The majority of our business comes from referrals or "word of mouth".